Strom Live Specs

Yamaha Cl 5
Dante 32/16 & 16/8

Kling & Freitag System
2x Kling & Freitag ACCESS T9 Top (1,5“/2×12“) 4x Kling & Freitag ACCESS B5 Sub (2x 18“)
2x Kling & Freitag CD44 Systemcontroller
3x Powersoft DIGAM 7000 / K6 Amp

2x K&F 1515
1x QSC PLX 1804

6-Way from FOH
6x Kling & Freitag CA 1215-6M (12”/1,5”) 1x EV T252 Drumfill
3x QSC PLX 1804 Amp

1x Shure Beta 52
1x Shure Beta 91
3x Shure Beta 58
6x Shure SM 58
5x Shure SM 57
2x Shure Beta 57
2x Sennheiser e906
1x Sennheiser MD 421
4x Audio Technica Pro 37R
2x BSS AR-133 (aktive DI Box)
6x Palmer PAN01 (passive DI Box)

10 x 5,5 x 0,75m

6x 16A Schuko 2x 32 CEE Red

Lights on Stage
Lichtpult: 1 ETC Smartface 24/96
Dimmer: 2 SGM Powerlite 1212D (24CH in total) Outputs build in Ceiling next to Dancefloor
4 TEC Forma 650F Pro Stufenlinse Fresnel inkl. FFR 2 PAR 64
12 LCR LED Studio PAR AT3 25*
2 1,5 Kw Strobes facing the audience